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We’d all like to change something about our lives, our work, or ourselves. But change can be hard, and messy. Register to watch this 1-hr. webinar to learn: how does change work in the brain? how do we make it happen? and what is the critical first step? When you practice this step (which I will lead you through), you strengthen your brain’s capacity for higher-level functioning and change.

“This is the most important work the Directors have done in 10 years.”
~ Dr. Laila Aaen

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Pressure & Change

Though you long to make a greater impact, it’s hard to focus and create the changes you’d like when you are so often responding to multiple demands and pressure.

If you could lead yourself with greater focus, energy and purpose, you could make a greater difference in your work and your world.

Reboot & Rewire

When the brain is consistently reacting to pressure and stress, it begins to operate in survival mode. When this becomes the brain’s default, leadership and growth become extremely difficult.

I’ve been there. When I was a stressed-out lawyer, my thinking, performance and well-being suffered. I also blamed myself.

When the brain is in survival mode, what it needs is not guilt or shame (which make it worse), but a reboot and rewire.

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What makes this program different?

Pathways to Mindful Leadership was designed with your brain in mind. The program, available through 1-on-1 coaching and organizational workshops, integrates neuroscience, coaching, mindfulness and mind-body principles.

With a whole-person approach, the integrated framework creates meaningful and lasting change from the inside-out.

When you become a mindful leader, you respond to external pressures without losing your center. You begin to positively impact those around, your work, and your world.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer’s pursuit of mindful leadership began began 20 years ago when she was a stressed-out lawyer.

Now a certified neuroscience coach, she researches neuroscience, stress and mind-body wellness for her leadership program, coaching and blog.

As a mind-body expert, Jennifer has practiced yoga since 1998 and completed over 700 hours of yoga-teacher training. She has trained in mindfulness meditation, and attended numerous retreats. Jennifer has also worked deeply with the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach for self-awareness and change.

Random facts: bungee jumped from the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe; voted “most intelligent” and “most respected” in high school, but lacked confidence; played women’s rugby at University College London; lost a father to Alzheimer’s; mom to 2 girls and 3 rescue animals (1 dog, 2 cats); descendant of William Bradford (framer of the Mayflower Compact and governor of the first New World settlement).

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