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The Leadership Challenge

Most professionals who dedicate their career to serving others want to make a difference. But too often, they can begin to suffer burnout.

When a brain and nervous system are overloaded, meaningful change becomes nearly impossible.

Directing change when a leader is stressed and feels under-supported is likely to fail and may result in turnover.

So how does an organization retain its workforce and promote growth and development in the face of external pressures and stress?

A Leadership Solution

Pathways to Change is a research-backed framework that supports the growth of leaders’ resilience, well-being and leadership capacities.*

The dynamic, 5-part framework integrates neuroscience, coaching, mindfulness and mind-body principles to support transformational leadership growth.

Program delivery is designed to meet a group’s needs by using a variety of learning methods such as presentation, coaching and interactive exercises, self-reflection, guided mindfulness and yoga practices, and partner and group discussion. 

*Evaluation data from the Brazelton Touchpoints Center, an affiliate of Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, show promising effects on well-being, relationships and leadership capacities of a diverse group of early care leaders.

Support leaders, promote growth

Each leader impacts many. Many leaders impact a system.

By supporting leaders’ wholistic and transformational development, innovative organizations can elevate the impact of their workforce, promote systemic growth and raise the potential of their organizations. 

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“I feel reinvented and empowered to make the changes needed so I can be a more effective leader at work, home and with everyone I encounter daily.”         –Angela Medina, Early Care Leader

(1) Learn the framework

Learn the framework via workshops that incorporate neuroscience, coaching, mindfulness and mind-body principles.

(2) Reinforce the learning

Participate in interactive webinars to reinforce the learning. Recordings are also available.

(3) Connect and support

Integrate the learning, engage with support and deepen connections by working in a buddy system.

“This is the most important work the Directors have done in 10 years.”   
– Dr. Laila Aean

About Jennifer

As founder of Pathways to Change, my own path to transformation began over two decades ago.

Today, I am a brain-based leadership coach with certifications as: a professional-level certified coach (PCC) with the International Coaches Federation; a certified neuro-transformational coach (CNTC) with BeAbove Leadership; and a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) with the Coaches Training Institute. I have done deep work with Internal Family Systems (IFS), and am studying Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) with Dan Siegel. I continue to research neuroscience for my organizational program, coaching and blog.

As a mind-body expert, I have over 700 hours of yoga teacher training, over 21 years of yoga practice, and over 8 years of regular mindfulness practice.

Like many who enter public service, I became a public interest lawyer over 20 years ago because I wanted to help people. Though my heart was in the work, stress affected my thinking, my performance and my health.

One day driving home past a Burger King, I wondered if I could work there and still pay my law school loans. No further legal training would have helped me deal with the stress of my caseload and responsibilities. With my well-being suffering and no relief in sight, I left the practice without a plan.

The road to change, and a healthier brain and body, was not a straight line. It was full of setbacks and failure, but along the way I grew resilient, and gathered wisdom and tools. Through research, training and experience, I developed a 5-part framework that integrates coaching, neuroscience, mindfulness and mind-body principles.

Random facts: bungee jumped from the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe; voted “most intelligent” and “most respected” in high school, but lacked confidence; played women’s rugby at University College London; lost a father to Alzheimer’s; and mom to 2 girls and 3 rescue animals.

Coaches Training InstituteProfessional Certified CoachCertified Neurotransformational Coach

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