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Start Where You Are

Most of us have a desire for growth and impact. But in a world full of external pressures, it’s common to find ourselves in a cycle of doing, over-doing, and re-doing — reacting all the time but spinning our wheels.

When you recognize that you’re not moving forward, and you’re capable of more, then you are in a place to begin.

The journey of authentic leadership begins with stepping out of the recurring cycle and becoming aware of where you are, and who you are.

Go In to Go Out

We cannot change that of which we are not aware.

The process of sustainable change begins with a journey inward. We direct our own growth, rather than seek external fixes.

With greater self-awareness, we develop a capacity to direct our thoughts and actions in ways that create the changes we seek.

Know Yourself, Grow Your Leadership

By understanding the brain, body and nervous system that guide our behavior, we understand why we are where we are, and how to grow from here.

By directing our awareness inside, we make more resonant choices in our work with others and lead in an authentic and sustainable way.

We improve not only our brain and well-being, but our connection with others and impact on those we serve.

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About Jennifer

My survival brain took over 20 years ago when I was a stressed-out public interest lawyer. Though my heart was in the work, the stress affected both my thinking, and my health.

One day driving home past a Burger King, I wondered if I could work there and still pay my law school loans. With my survival brain in charge, I left the practice without a plan.

The road to change, and a thriving brain, was not a straight line. It was full of setbacks and failure, but along the way I grew resilient, and gathered wisdom and tools. Through research, training and experience, I developed a 5-part framework that integrates coaching, neuroscience, mindfulness and mind-body principles.

As a brain-based leadership coach, I am: a professional-level certified coach (PCC) with the International Coaches Federation; a certified neuro-transformational coach (CNTC) with BeAbove Leadership; and a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) with the Coaches Training Institute. I have done deep work with Internal Family Systems (IFS), and am studying Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) with Dan Siegel. I continue to research neuroscience for my organizational program, coaching and blog.

As a mind-body expert, I have over 700 hours of yoga teacher training, over 20 years of yoga practice, and over 7 years of regular mindfulness practice.

Random facts: bungee jumped from the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe; voted “most intelligent” and “most respected” in high school, but lacked confidence; played women’s rugby at University College London; lost a father to Alzheimer’s; mom to 2 girls and 3 rescue animals (1 dog, 2 cats); descendant of William Bradford (Mayflower passenger and governor of New World settlement).

Coaches Training InstituteProfessional Certified CoachCertified Neurotransformational Coach

“Jen’s coaching methods paused my entrenched thinking and helped me re-route new positive pathways.”
~ Amy R. Jonker, JD

(1) Pre-coaching worksheet

Clarify your goals and needs with a short self-assessment worksheet

(2) Brain-based coaching

Get clarity on what needs to change, and how, in six 1-hr. brain-based coaching sessions (via phone, Skype or Zoom)

(3) Action

Take actions between sessions to support improvements in your brain, your leadership and your impact

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