Communicating Confidence

a 5-week live training to release self-doubt and fear, show up with confidence and improve your impact at work – for women who don’t love the spotlight

What’s the purpose?

Women’s talents and gifts are too often hidden or overshadowed by others. Last year I spoke with many women from 4 different countries about their challenges with confidence. Their challenges were the same. I began to feel a sense of urgency to help address the problem.

When women step forward with greater confidence, they will have greater influence. Today’s complex problems need that influence, with new perspectives, talents and leadership, like never before.

What’s the overview?

This 5-week live training will teach you how to shift the patterns of self-doubt and fear that hold you back in the workplace, so you can tap into your greater potential, show up with confidence, and make a larger impact.

Using neuroscience, mindfulness, and mind-body principles, you will learn how to support your brain and body in the process of change. You will learn tools and practices to direct that change so that you can release old patterns, step into your full potential and communicate confidence.


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Sound familiar?

You’ve been in your career for long enough now. You’ve had the education and training to do your job well – and you do, mostly. But you need to speak up more, appear confident to others, and do more with your ideas and potential. You just don’t know how, or if it’s possible.

You wake up most mornings tired. Your mind immediately starts churning about all that needs to be done, the what-if’s and fears about how you will do it and how you might be perceived. You feel a sense of dread about upcoming meetings or events where you should speak up and appear confident…

But you bury all that and resolve to put one foot in front of the other. People are counting on you, and you can’t let them down.

You are compassionate and care about making a positive difference in the world. Instead of focusing on yourself, you focus on getting the job done and helping others.

So you keep trying to override the worry, self-doubt and fear. But it’s exhausting.

My story

Years ago, I was a stressed-out public interest attorney representing clients in court. Every day, I needed to override my self-doubt and fear – fear of making a mistake, looking stupid, or messing up a case. I couldn’t see what I did well. My lack of confidence created internal stress that affected my mental and physical health, including fatigue, mood, sleep and gut issues.

One day, driving home from work past a Burger King, I saw a “Help Wanted” sign and wondered if I worked there, could I still pay off my law school loans? That’s when I knew I was burned out. Not knowing any other solution, I left.

My journey to self-belief and confidence was long and windy, but I did the work and created a program so your road can be easier. With 25 years of mind-body practices, self-development programs, coach trainings and certifications, Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, mindfulness and neuroscience research, I created a comprehensive framework for change.

I went from being “class pessimist” in high school, to a realistic optimist. I went from feeling sick to my stomach in court, to coaching professionals at all levels, and being a front-of-the-room leader using my framework.

Pathways to Change with Jen Riggs

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How will I learn?

We meet on Zoom weekly for instruction, visual slides, exercises, coaching, discussions, and Q & A. Between meetings, you will have assignments to help you apply and deepen the learning. You will get the essentials, so you can avoid overwhelm and begin to take steps and notice changes even during the short 5 weeks.

What will I learn?

This is not a fake-it-til-you-make it approach. Using a comprehensive, research-backed framework, this is about the deep work of growing confidence from the inside out.

We learn about neuroscience, mindfulness and mind-body principles in a relatable and applicable way. We grow confidence on a deeper level than behaviors by including thoughts, feelings, the body, brain & nervous system. We learn the scientific facts that explain why we’ve felt stuck, and how to begin to change them.

You will also learn that you are not alone as you learn and grow with a small community of like-minded women. 

Virtual Meeting

5 Modules in 5 Weeks

Communicating Confidence introduces you to 5 essential modules for change, growth and confidence. From supporting your brain and body, to releasing self-doubt, and building patterns of strength and confidence, you will learn the critical building blocks to communicate authentic confidence.

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Module 1: Taking the first steps

How to Change Your Patterns

  • creating an anchor for change
  • understanding patterns and how to change them
  • how awareness changes the brain, and how to practice it
Module 2: creating conditions for change

 Self-Compassion & Self-Care

  • how to support the brain for change
  • the power and practice of self-compassion
  • the 3 body basics for change
Module 3: Releasing old patterns

Working with thoughts and feelings that hurt confidence

  • a 3-step practice for releasing thoughts and feelings
  • self-regulation, the brain and 2 supportive practices
  • widening the windows of tolerance (working with triggers)
Module 4: knowing & growing yourself

Strengths and Values

  • the power of authenticity
  • how others see you
  • deepening your focus – strengths and values
Module 5: communicating confidence

Feeling and Showing Up with Confidence

  • recognizing confidence and how to build it
  • the neuroscience of confident communication
  • embodying confidence

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How much, and what will I get?

By joining the Communicating Confidence training, you will receive:

  • 5 live 90-minute trainings with learning, exercise, discussion and Q&A
  • weekly worksheets and simple assignments to deepen the learning
  • access to a private Facebook group for the training
  • recordings of each session
  • Bonus video 1: Stress Mini Course – stress in the brain and how to respond (Value = $67)
  • Bonus video 2: Giving Support & Avoiding Burnout – a mini course (Value = $67)
  • Cost = $297, including bonus videos
  • Money-back guarantee: if you are not satisfied after the first module, you can request a refund within 24 hours of the first live session
Virtual Meeting

What Other Women Say…

When is it?

Sessions will be on Wednesdays,  March 6 – April 3, 1-2:30p EST. Each session will be recorded.

Can I wait?

While I may offer the training again, likely not for women only. So if you like the idea of a women-only training on confidence, now is the time to join.