Mindful Leadership Workshops

a new approach to development for staff and teams

For organizations that want a smaller-scale experience of Pathways to Change

Workshops, whether 1-hour or 1-day, are designed to meet the specific needs of the organization using relevant elements of the signature PTC program. Workshops also integrate coaching, neuroscience, mindfulness and mind-body principles for a unique and transformational approach to development.

Mindful leadership workshops may be virtual or in person (safety permitting) and like PTC, are designed to address both the wellbeing and leadership capacities of a group or team.

Jen Riggs Mindful Leadership Workshops
leaders and staff

Leaders and staff, particularly those working for social change and justice, are at risk of burnout now more than ever.

They need a new way of leadership to support and sustain them through the challenges of an increasingly volatile and uncertain world.

Mindful leadership calls for an inside-out approach to development, helping leaders and staff access greater awareness, self-regulation, adaptability, authenticity, connection and purpose.

By offering mindful leadership workshop, an organization begins the process of investing in both innovation and the well-being and growth of its people.

Who are mindful leadership workshops for?

· Organizations and teams wanting an introduction to mindful leadership development
· Organizations and teams looking for support around stress and burnout
· Staff who want to invest in their growth

Workshop Curriculum

Mindful leadership workshops draw on the PTC framework for building natural leadership capacities. PTC integrates coaching, neuroscience, mindfulness and mind-body principles for a unique and transformational approach to development.

A variety of stand-alone workshops can be created from the 5-module framework.

Virtual Meeting
Module 1


  • the brain and nervous system
  • how we change the brain
  • what awareness is and how it helps the brain
  • tools for greater awareness & working with emotions
Module 2


  • why self-care is critical for change, and how to improve it
  • the basics of sleep, diet and exercise for brain support
  • how stress affects the brain, and how to work with it
  • the importance of support, compassion and self-compassion for the brain
Module 3


  • tapping into strengths, values and purpose
  • why authenticity matters
  • tools for building confidence
Module 4


  • the power of agency
  • what affects decisions, including emotions
  • how to improve decisions
Module 5


  • how to support action and self-control
  • how prior modules relate to mindful action

How it Works

Mindful leadership workshops, whether in-person or virtual, meet many learning styles. Workshops may use a variety of methods to educate and engage participants, including individual and group coaching methods, presentations about the brain and nervous system with visuals, guided integrative practices, small and large group discussions, interactive exercises, and questions for self-reflection.

Workshops may be delivered in-person (safety permitting) or virtually in a stand-alone or series of live Zoom meetings. They can vary in structure and timing according to organizational needs.

Virtual Meeting

Kind Words from Workshop Participants

“I am really looking forward to another [Pathways to Change retreat] with Jennifer Riggs. It was very relaxing and made me take a deeper look into my self-worth and my strengths.”

Joi Pendelton

“I feel reinvented and empowered to make the changes needed so I can be more effective as a leader at work, home, and with everyone I encounter daily!”

Angela Medina

“I really enjoyed this retreat. It was very helpful and educational. Being able to allow myself to become free of mind and body made all the difference.”


“[People I lead] have noticed the positive impact Pathways to Change has made in my professional and personal life… Thank you so much for providing this life-changing course for us!”

Trinidad Rivera

“This experience helped me to pay attention to my internal awareness and to gain the ability to connect with others.”

Shannon McClellan

“I have a better understanding of who I am, what my strengths and passions are and how to take better care of myself.”


“Everything we did made sense and helped me to truly relax and learn… Jen is one of the best presenters. She is calm and sweet and has a good pace… The time flew by.”

Tammy Davis

Get Started

For further information on mindful leadership workshops, please contact me for a free consult to ask questions and discuss your organization’s needs.