Help them to lead wisely and strongly with their brain’s CEO

Educate and empower with a unique, live retreat or workshop for rewiring the brain for greater executive functioning.

“This is the most important work the Directors have done in 10 years.”
~ Dr. Laila Aaen

Interactive Workshops

Interactive workshops and retreats, offering learning and practices for the brain, mind and body.

1 Powerful Framework

A 5-part framework integrating neuroscience, coaching, mindfulness and mind-body solutions for a wholistic approach to change.

Further the Learning

Offering post-workshop learning and practice via webinars, videos and an accountability system.

Empowering Growth and Change

When an organization is faced with various pressures, growth and change, leaders and staff can become overwhelmed. Though dedicated and hard-working, some may struggle to adapt and grow.

How can you support them to be more agile, wise and effective? How can you guard against burnout while empowering them to grow and lead? Pathways to Mindful Leadership teaches them to improve executive functioning and strengthen their leadership capacities, both for themselves and for the organization.

“I feel reinvented and empowered to make the changes needed so I can be a more effective leader at work, home and with everyone I encounter daily.” – Angela Medina

An Experience Unlike Any Other

Pathways to Mindful Leadership offers leaders and staff a unique experience. Unlike other leadership and professional development programs, the 5-module framework integrates a variety of proven approaches to growth and change: neuroscience, coaching, mindfulness and mind-body practices, for a varied and wholistic approach to learning and development.

Pathways to Mindful Leadership for organizations includes: live presentation, with research and discussion; mind-body practices; and individual, partner and group exercises. Retreats also include individual workbooks.

“After all these years with this directors’ group, this is the first time I have gotten anything out of a [professional development] retreat.” – Tammy Davis

Take Aways and Further Development

Pathways to Mindful Leadership is a program that leaders can take away and immediately apply in both their work and lives. Because it addresses the whole person, leaders become more engaged in the program and motivated in their post-workshop development.

In addition to take-away actions and individual workbooks, organizations may choose to support their leaders and staff further with post-retreat webinars, videos and/or an accountability system to deepen the learning and development.

“This was an amazing retreat! I feel that I can go back and use all of this in my everyday life and work.” – Maria Guzman

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