Why this work matters to me

Years ago, I walked away from work that I had invested in and cared about deeply because I could not see another way forward.

Sometimes we reach a point when we realize that no matter how hard we’ve been trying, the way we’ve been working is not sustainable. And if we don’t find another way, we – or those we lead – could burn out or walk away like I did.

Today, I guide and train compassionate professionals in another way – a new way of showing up at work with confidence and authenticity, in a way that is sustainable and supports their growth and well-being.

This way of is a whole-person approach to change that supports what I needed those years ago – greater self-awareness, confidence, self-regulation and executive functioning.

The Mission

To support professionals to fulfill their potential in a healthy, sustainable and authentic way, so they can expand their ripple effects on those they serve.

In pursuit of this mission, I partner with organizations that want to support the leadership and well-being of staff and teams.

I also partner with individuals – directors, managers, emerging leaders, and those who may not yet see themselves as leaders.

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Ripple effects
Jennifer Riggs Story

My Story

My journey began as so many do – with a metaphorical brick over the head.

Working as a public interest lawyer, I was stressed about the many aspects of the work that were beyond my control. Yet I felt responsible for it, and was afraid of messing up. No further legal training would have alleviated my stress.

While I didn’t realize it then, today I know that my brain, performance and health were affected by the stress.

One day, driving home past a Burger King, I saw a help wanted sign and wondered if I could work there and still pay my law school loans. That felt like a turning point. After that, all I could think about was leaving. With my well-being suffering and no relief in sight, I left the practice without a plan.

The path to change is never a straight line.

Mine was full of failures, setbacks and victories of all sizes. With self-care, mindfulness and agency, I began to navigate the journey with greater resilience. Through research, training and experience, I ultimately developed Pathways to Change, a framework for mindful leadership that integrates coaching, neuroscience, mindfulness and mind-body principles.

Pathways to Change offers a new way forward, one that supports and grows compassionate leaders and teams.

It’s time to stop sacrificing ourselves or our teams and instead move forward with a way of working and living that supports our brains, leadership capacities and impact in the world.

Jen Riggs path to change


  • Professional-level certified coach (PCC), International Coaches Federation
  • Certified neuro-transformational coach (CNTC), BeAbove Leadership
  • Certified professional co-active coach (CPCC), Coaches Training Institute
  • Individual Team Coach Accreditation (ITCA), EMCC Global


  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) work
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology, Dan Siegel
  • Neuroscience of Change & Power of Presence, Coaches Rising
  • Principles of Collective Trauma Healing, Thomas Hubl
  • Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression, HCN & Third Way Leadership
  • Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism, Education for Racial Equity


  • 12+ years in public law & consulting
  • 10 years coaching
  • Active coach with Humanitarian Coaching Network
  • Active coach with Coaching for Everyone
  • 700+ hours of yoga teacher training
  • 25 years of yoga practice
  • 12 years of mindfulness meditation practice

Random facts:

  • Bungee jumped from the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe
  • Voted “most intelligent” and “most respected” in high school, but lacked confidence
  • Played on the first women’s rugby team at University College London
  • Jumped on stage to sing and dance with Davy Jones of the Monkees
  • Lost a father to Alzheimer’s
  • Mom to 2 girls and 3 rescue animals
  • Can never have enough extra virgin olive oil and pure maple syrup
  • Favorite movies include Monty Python’s Holy Grail and This is Spinal Tap
Jen Riggs Random Facts
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