What I Believe

Core Brand Values


“The fact or condition of being aware of something.”

I believe knowledge is power, and facilitates trust. I believe in understanding the science and principles that support the often challenging and uncertain process of change. I share this knowledge to empower people and teams in their own development. When we understand the science behind our brains and nervous systems and how to change them, we become empowered with self-understanding, and we can release the self-blame which keeps us stuck.


“Ability to discern inner qualities and relationships: insight.”

I believe that all people have wisdom. Wisdom is more than cognitive knowing, it is intuitive and even somatic. I believe that given the right conditions, we can access an inner wisdom that helps us to see more clearly what was previously unseen with greater clarity, understanding and guidance.


“Sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.”

I believe that we are wired to connect. The suffering of another can be felt by each of us if we recognize our common humanity and allow it. If we do, compassion naturally arises – a desire to do something to help relieve the suffering. I believe that fundamentally, the purpose of life is to help heal others and the planet.


“The quality of being honest and fair.”

I believe honesty is a foundation for trust and fairness is the foundation for equity. I have a fundamental desire for truth and fairness. My most outspoken complaint as a child was, “That’s not fair.” Integrity is integral to my work and who I am.


“The quality or state of being worthy, honored or esteemed.”

I believe that all people are equally worthy. No status, external appearance or circumstance makes one person more or less worthy than another. Given the chance to live with dignity and respect, all people have something worthy to share with the world. I believe creating a world with greater dignity and respect for all starts within and extends outward, to others and to systems.


“The state of being connected (joined or linked together).”

I believe that we are more powerful when fully connected within ourselves, and with others. The more connections we create in our brains and nervous systems, the greater our well-being and our ability to connect with others. Meaningful change – the kind that is needed in the world today – becomes more possible through strengthening our internal and external connections.

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